Aphrodite's Last Fall - 70 Degrees (I Love You More) lyrics

standing out at the shore at night, i feel alone but I'll be alright there's still something missing in my life i'm sure, the wind picks up and the ocean sprays, my shirts grown damp but i'll be ok, the pre-summer ocean makes the world alright. i came out here with a group of friends, it's only for you i've got time to spend, i only want to tell you that your in my dreams, finally you walk up to me, i'll turn my head from the shore to see the most beautiful girl that i've ever seen there's something about the way your eyes catch the light and reflect the skies, and how your lips always form a smile... its all that i wanted, lets go home and call it a night, it's all that i needed don't argue we don't need to fight... does it hurt my darling? this pain within your heart? well the pressure's killing me, the knife's still in my back, with all those words you said, you broke me down again, i thought we were ok, i thought we could be friends, i guess i'll never know...because this is the end... standing out at the shore at night, i feel alone, but i'll be alright, the whole summer's over but I'll be ok... I'll be ok...