Anything But Joey - Sunburn lyrics

Just like a sunburn that you feel will turn into a tan,
but you just peel and peel. I don't understand
what I gotta do.
You don't feel this way, but I gotta tell you

That I will wait to fall for you

I hate to be on bottom, why can't I be on top?
I get so angry with myself I think I need to...
How can I make you see?
Who do I have to be?
Cuz all I am is me.

I'm jaded, ill-fated.
Can't wait to fall for you.

I know you like me too when we talk at my show.
But don't wanna ask a question when the answer's...
I guess that I'll have to pray this'll be the day
that I will hear you say

"I can't wait to fall for you"
And I'll say, "Me too!"