Anybody's Guess - Lucidity Intro lyrics

I wrap myself
Back into this
Sense of familiar
Nothingness but me

Back to something
So secure
I know will always be waiting

I could never
Hope to stop this, it
Feels and breathes and
Pulsates as it's own

If you should hear
A shuffling
Beneath the mine,
Late beyond the night

Please don't come inside
You should probably knock,
The waterline is rising

And you and I
Don't want anyone
To be there when the tide rolls over the shore

Save you from the memory
Of what you could never explain
Or even know for sure

Embracing what I have
For I am now alone

Clench my fist
And do what must
Be done because of
What I've become

As an animal
Closing in for the kill

And now I wonder
Would I resist
If I could by my own will
I'll never know
I'll never know

I twitch as I
Approach the end,
Never as bright as
It sometimes seems

And I
Never knew
I could feel such hate
For someone I don't know

And it's an empty room
The blood tide's rising
I can't pour it back inside

It's here
For me to smell and fear,
For I know that I'll be here again

I'll take my time
And wait to see
If it's now
Warm outside again

For what we cannot feel
Will illude us
And what we expect
Might very well be the end