Anubis Gate - Desiderio Omnibus lyrics

Lord, I won't deny
I feel allured to try
Interfering with life
And the way we die

Mortal mastery
In darkened scenery
I do the studied downfall
Ready to evolve a

Death control
Training to blow my inglorious life away
And this could be my lucky day

I'm set on going deep
Through mind-expanding sleep
To the end and beyond
Where no living's ever gone

Feel the whole
Of being in control
On the fabled verge of grandeur:
Perspicuity compared to none

In the mist of dreams
Though a thousand halls of screams
(Deep down: the divine)
I stand before the divine:
The eternal sands of time
(Deep down I feel the)

Death control
I'm able to blow my inglorious life away
And then come back another day
To find the world of the living
Is gracious but dangerous
€˜cause there's longing in all of us

Desiderio omnibus