Antropoid - Insane Bullets (First Version) lyrics

Running into your insane brain
We take all anger now
It's my pleasure to save an anger
Can we save some? How?
We stop your mind, now you can see
See into my face
You can start the madness things
Unnamed will be named

We can do anything with you
We can do it with you now
You can't stop my nice game, so what?
So come on man, start it now!

We want to play your wicked game
We want to do it with you now
You don't want to stop insane bullets
So come on man, start now!

Insane bullets
Shoot you now!
Twist yourself
It's your show!

We jump into your head and don't ask!
With no mercy for a man
We don't need to feel any sorrow
Only the strong will be saved
The things start flowing from your head
Everyone is mad
We're gathered here to maim and kill
This is your hell dance