Antropoid - Fuck Your Rules lyrics

Storm is here we must go high
I'm in your eyes, you're in my eyes
You and me are ready to fuck
Burning metal place

We are pumped up and so what ?
You can live through hell with us
Fucking guitars, fucking stage
We need you show your face !

The devil is breathless come on fuckers
You gotta beat him to the ground
We force each other with insane headbang
And even louder sound
Now you're breathless without power
No one will survive
The atmosphere is getting heavy

Fuck your rules tonight

Your arrogant hungry face
I wanna see that face all days
Don't stop that shit, so let it be done
Your insane look, I'm done
Feedback from your heart is good
Huricane sets me in a mood
After you chaos remains
So please don't look back !