Antonio Neal - You Don't Know lyrics

Reflecting on my life
Where God's brought me from
How He kept me from destroying myself
When I was a little younger, He kept me from going under
How I appreciate His mercy
I thought I had all the answers
(but I didn't know nothing)
And I wanted to rule the world
(but I wasn't the king)
I thought the world rotated around me
(oh so prideful)
I'm so glad You've opened my eyes to see

You don't know like I know
what He's done for me
You don't know like I know
How he set me free
And it makes me wanna dance,
dance, dance, alright.

When danger was around me
Lord You shielded me from death
It was only beause of You love
When I think about those night and days
weh my life was so crazy
Lord You totally renewed my mind
weh I lok back over my life
And where I really should
I can't help but tell Ya, Lord I love Ya
Thinking of Ya