Antonio Neal - Talkin Bout Love lyrics

Everyday I see
On the TV screen
People calling out
Somebody help us please
Gotta be more to live
Than the way I live
Fighting on the inside
Trying to keep it positive
Don't let em shake ya
Don't let them break ya
Step back a minute
Regain composure
Don't let em twist ya
Don't let em fill ya
With the nonsene of unreality
With the nonsense of unintelligence

Talking bout love
Talking bout real love
Just havind a good time
Enjoying the sunshine
Singing bout love
Singing bout real love
Just having a good time
Everything's alright

Families breaking up
Lif is really tough
Children left alone
And it shouldn't be that way
No safe place to go
No matter where you roam
Always remember there's no place like home

Love, love is the answer to what we're looking for
What we're searching for