Antisoc - Number 1 Poser lyrics

Check out my hat and my pants and my shoes
and with this cool shirt how could I lose
I'm not messing y'all
I'm stunting in a manner associated with professionals

I'm wearing all kinds of chains
a few of them go so far as to bear my name
check the track and hit me back
find a couple of girls so that I can mac

if you look hard you will notice that I am very
in tune with black culture - it's downright scary
these two lines were a total no go
I had to rewrite them to play it on the radio

check my genuine imitation rolex watch
got my 22 in case I have to shoot the cops
that I meet on the street, see
they always try to beat me - put the gansta down

number 1 poser
I smoke oregano
number 1 poser
all of the gangsters know
number 1 poser
I always stunt like a pro
I got a 22 cocked and ready to go
number 1 poser
gotta keep it real
number 1 poser
find money to steal
number 1 poser
it's time to get drunk
I drink club soda to keep it crunk

party like a rockstar

I don't know much about inuendo
I spend all my time playing nintendo
whoops, I mean, ps3,
playing madden football and GTA 3

and I certainly don't play final fantasy
I talk about RPGs with apathy
a nerd in disguise? squash those lies!
I never stepped foot inside a frys

whew, almost blew my cover there
and I certainly don't wear whitey tightey underwear
he heh heh... heh heh heh, eeeeeh