Antisoc - Lone Warrior lyrics

I go by antisocial and in case you're wondering why
I might not be antisocial, just a little bit shy
I'm actually quite friendly, but I'm a quiet guy
I'm not talkative at parties, but you know that I try
They call me antisocial, and I wear the badge proud
They tell me that I have my head up in the clouds
I know who I am and I shout it out loud
I'm not content to be just a face among the crowd

Lone warrior, I'm ok being alone
Lone warrior, I can make it on my own

Those who don't know better blame it on my homeschool life
I don't want to have to deal with all their sorry tripe
Individuality, I've said, is what makes us alive
I'd rather be unique than a bee in a hive
People tell me "be more social," but I really don't agree
Getting hated on by extroverts, I wish that they could see
They don't understand the burden of a lone warrior like me
Shedding off the hollow shell that we call society