Antisoc - John Deere (feat. Philtr) lyrics

john deere represent!
we're getting ready to drop this tractor
get your mulch on
keep it short
dump ya bags

Looks like the grass gonna need a trim
rollin' on my John Deere with the spinny rims
Whenever I need to cut the grass
hop on my John Deere and get the job done fast
Lemonaide in my hand as I cruize the lawn
Roll by the front door, wave at my mom
engine drowned out by the sound of a piano
as I crank the tunes on my iPod nano

phil: Rollin' on tha lawn
both: (what? what?)
mark: Rollin' on tha lawn
both: (in my John Deere!)
(repeat as necessary)

hurricane force winds blew down a tree
I guess the job is up to me
put the branches in the trailor, have no fear
I can hook up the trailor to my John Deere