Antiquus Scriptum - Bula Ad Extirpenda (Innocentio Ivth, Mcclii - Thy Saint Office Of Inquisition Of Faith) lyrics

.Flared up by those warnings from the sky occult menace on numberless
Suspicions. Divine certainty and freaks of Christianism as they mutilated
millions in a wrath against paganism. Unbelievers were exiled,
infidels enslaved in chains of God. Thy pagan circle extended through Europe
and so a slaughter has begun!

.In nomine sancti, erit sicuit Deus!

.In the thirteen century, year thirty five (1235)
was trusted to Dominicans thy saint office of inquisition of faith,
that Gregory IX has created and destined to the extirpation of sorcery.
In fifty two (1252) torture was authorized and the severe monks
redoubled cruelty and after Charles the fifth permit it, they start to sentence
and burn the tyranny.

.In nomine sancti, erit sicuit Deus!
Immensis pater, peradonai eloim!...

...Maximum dolorem!!!

.Sad winds were blown, with all those centuries crying in anguish. Across
the forests and white cold snow, they searched for hell to find and punish...
...Christus imperat! Christus regnat! Christus vincit! Christus vita,
spiritus sancti!!!...

...In nomine patris et filli et spiritus sancti, Droch, Myrroch, Esenaroth,
Tedion, Betu, Baroch ass Maarot…

.Ignorance of human faith, bleeding blindness and scorn divine. Burned
people for a cause unreal and remember Christ in bread or wine .
I believe in a mighty God! Who's killed to input a word, a word that I never
heard but has made man strike his sword!!!...

...But has made man strike!

.In nomine sancti, erit sicuit Deus!
immensis pater, peradonai eloim!...