Antikythera - Close In A Lingerie Shop With No Front Window lyrics

This life is what you make it, hand is dealt so just take it
thread your way through the web

strive, feel, experience pain, loss, sorrow
emotions that hurt, burn, blind
strengthens or withers away, waste or be devoured

self centered, just a pebble tossed in the stream
so sure that in the end wrongs will be righted
white lies told to you to make you feel more secure

this is your wake up call
close is a lingerie shop with no front window

swept away by the mundane as your life passes you by
will you say... you live with no regrets, have you left your mark
i will not go quietly into that goodnight

accept this curse you have to many thing unsaid
and you should not be afraid
though you walk this path alone through the dark

was your life ever in your own hands

lies, the sun still burns but the light has extinguished
like your dreams crushed into oblivion never to return to life
this person cast away, goodbye my friend

your gone... you taught... me to ... live life
moment by moment like it's the last
there are no reasons to dwell in the past

I understand now there are few truths, one that I know is
close is a lingerie shop with no front window