Antigone - Jon lyrics

Jon was a young boy, just fourteen, when he took his life
no-one had ever cared for him no one even tried
and he couldn't see the light, no he couldn't see the light.
His parents never wanted him, drugs became his only friend,
and he was short, small. small & short

Jon stopped caring about his Life,
he started to get involved in Crime
When he got kicked out of school, he realised
Nobody has time for a lonely child

His Brother beat him every day, he'd walk around, bruises everywhere.
He never had enough to eat, That's why he's Short.

No one was there, Nobody cared for this Young man,
I wasn't there, it's hard to accept, that I won't see him again
Why, Did you wanna die, life is good, life is sweet, Your life was short
Where's the light, where is the light,
I can see the light, can't you see the light
You know, Your life has gone, the fire is out

And as
He slipped the noose around his neck
Tears fell, from his cheeks
& I just wish he'd seen enough of life
To know it's sweet