Anthony Hamilton - Why O Why (2011)

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Anthony Hamilton - Why O Why lyrics

I don’t know what I did
Stubbed by you when you had your kid
Turn the cheek didn’t speak
You must have been ... that I was weak
I bet ... different baby
Cause I will never ever hurt a lady
You made your bed now you must lay
Girl you turned your covers back the wrong way

Time goes by ask what I think of you
God knows I had to do what you made me do
Took your love away from me so sad
Now we can’t even speak
You shouldn’t ever ever ... is so bad that now ...
What is so sad I played dad to a child that I never thought I’d care
Why o why
Baby tell me why
I used to love you
Look what you put me through
Baby why you had to go
Oh you hurt me
Why why why
Why o why
I don’t know why did you do me like this
Baby won’t you try to explain
See I wake up at night
I can’t sleep I hold my pillow tight
Baby baby some lonely nights
But I had to say goodbye
Baby baby why did you hurt me lady
Oh I miss my baby
I cry for my baby
Baby my my my