Anthares - Retaliation lyrics

If the experiences lived by me
In all my infamous existence
Wouldn't create wounds
Like curses from destiny
If the smile of hypocrites
Whom I lived with and tried to endure
Wouldn't reflect like
The shine in the eye of a serpent

If would be too casier cannel
My rancours something produtive
And to forget that my punishment
Is to be the guardian of my secrets

Many times I bid Fellings of vegeance
Insulated from the world by prickly walls
But time has been teaching me lessons
I've learnt to knock downmany myths
And to change humiliation for the strenght
Of a closed fist

It's time of retaliation

A punch of the face of every cynics
Who accuse me of stupid
When I search a way
To expose my pain
Bleed, knell down, asking for pardon
Maybee thus they acknowledge
That their frustrations are
As numerous as mine