Ansur - The Axiom Depicted lyrics

Eventually the concorded general was sent back to earth
and as behested, he went to collct reverence and bonds
with the religious leaders all over the world
This breaking conspiracy unleased another cataclysm
one among peasants
just as predicted in the code...

I am the depiction of God
they have confronted me and revealed the truth
that will reunite us all,
because we're all retainers of the same gods

"Heed as the creator judges
Believe what untruth I've spawned
you only believe what I made
we're all retainers of the same gods"

For those who conspite - in that rediculous matter,
is now the objective of either convert or demolish
If a crusade in form of a civil world war is needed,
we will bring it...

"The testaments is verily the same thread
divided by false prognosticators"