Ann Lee - You've Go The Wrong Girl lyrics

You've got a great apartment and a real nice car
The job you've always wanted, you're gonna go far
You've got everything in this world
But you've got the wrong girl

Everybody's lookin', cause she looks so hot
You don't know it, but I know what you've got
Go ahead and give it a whirl
But you've got the wrong girl

If you're lookin' for love
You're lookin' too hard
You can't see that what you need
Is right in your back yard
You were blinded by diamonds

And you missed a pearl
Yeah, you got the wrong girl

Does she like fishin', four wheelin' in the woods?
Would she get her hands greasy up underneath a hood?
I bet she never listens to Merle
Yeah you've got the wrong girl


Yeah you've got the wrong girl...