Animal Mother - Subconscious Dogfight lyrics

I sleep dreams come to meet me
Poison subconscious defeats me
Specters of doubt won't release me
Shattered soul bends down to it's knees
In R.E.M. I am defenseless
Falling can't stop this senseless
Feeling I am now helpless
Spectator in this process

When I'm awake it's a plague
Daylight cannot chase away
Nothing I do or say
Can make me level again
Shift picks up or breaks down
negative thoughts abound
City of hope a ghost town
Bipolar shank cuts it down

Cast in a pit of despair
Cannot breathe, have no air
Complain life isn't fair
No ears, no one who cares
A slice of medication
still can't ease frustration
An air of impatience
Peace of mind in isolated moments

Society don't accommodate
Social mores don't relate
Observations indicate
Mexican stand off, a stalemate
Spend life in isolation
Tribe of one nothing in common
On the fringe of all everyone
Unmixed no damage is done