Anika Moa - Flowers For You lyrics

it's a lovely day, a lovely day
it's a pretty old flower, red and blue
it's the same old typical scenario

take me away from your terrible lies
take me away from it all
show me i'm useful to steal for a while
show me how to rule the world

no more flowers for you
i could not sacrifice
and he's twisted along
and he's running down the road
to find his lost side
if it takes you away
i could ask you to stay
i can't change who i am
be forgiven, understand
does anyone want to reply
does anyone want to reply

a crazy old man you are
you work your charm
experience all of the above
lightning would fall with those all around you
just because you smiled

and take me to sea where the sun birds all fly
take me away there forever
show me your father and the apple in his eye
show me his spirit lives on

no more flowers for you...

i adore you
and you conform don't you to things that aren't really there
oh i know you're not really there

no more flowers for you...