Angie Stone - U-Haul lyrics (Chinese translation). | I bet you realize this time that
, When you see my friend sittin' outside
, They were there to help...
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Angie Stone - U-Haul (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I bet you realize this time that
ZH: 我敢打赌你意识到这次

EN: When you see my friend sittin' outside
ZH: 当你看到我坐在外面的朋友

EN: They were there to help me pack my bag and
ZH: 他们是来帮我打我的包和

EN: Tell me don't listen to ya if you're beggin'
ZH: 告诉我不听你如果你是求

EN: Cuz they know I comin' straight back home to you
ZH: 因为他们知道我来直到你回家

EN: And they know I'm a constant fool for you
ZH: 他们知道我是你不断的傻瓜

EN: So I'm puttin' my things on a U-Haul
ZH: 所以把我搬来的东西

EN: And I'm blockin' out your number when you call
ZH: 你打电话的时候我是堵住出你的号码

EN: [1] - No conversation, you can keep your words
ZH: [1]-没有交谈,你可以保持你的话语

EN: Cuz ninety per cent, I done already heard
ZH: 因为 90 %,完成已经听说

EN: How long did you think that I would sit here for
ZH: 你觉得我会坐在这里的多长时间

EN: I'm lettin' you know, it's not exceptional
ZH: 我让你知道,它也不例外

EN: Ain't no conversation, you can save the games
ZH: 不是没有交谈,您可以保存游戏

EN: And anything you say, I will remain the same
ZH: 你想说什么,我将保持不变

EN: How long did you think that I would sit here for
ZH: 你觉得我会坐在这里的多长时间

EN: Destroying my soul, it ain't exceptional
ZH: 摧毁我的灵魂,它也不例外

EN: I can't believe you even tried to blame me
ZH: 我不敢相信你甚至想怪我

EN: Cuz you're the one that changed, I've been the same me
ZH: 是因为你是一个改变,我也是一样的我

EN: And I've been by your side like a two-way
ZH: 我一直在你身边像双向

EN: And like a pager with no clamp, that's how you lose me
ZH: 像没有夹用传呼机,这就是你如何失去我

EN: So my friends come, they help me get over you
ZH: 所以我的朋友来,他们帮助我忘记你

EN: Cuz they're sick and tired of seein' what I go through
ZH: 因为他们厌倦了看到我的经历

EN: I put all of my things on the U-Haul
ZH: 我把所有的我的东西放在 U-检获的毒品

EN: And I won't accept at all wheneever you call
ZH: 我不会接受在您调用的所有 wheneever

EN: [Repeat 1]
ZH: [重复 1]

EN: I should have left you're ass long time ago
ZH: 我应该把你留下你的屁股长时间前

EN: (I should have left you)
ZH: (我应该离开你)

EN: I was too scared to be out on my own
ZH: 怕要我自己

EN: (Cuz you made me feel like)
ZH: (因为你让我觉得像)

EN: You made me feel there was no other way
ZH: 你让我觉得没有其他办法

EN: (I would never find another)
ZH: (我永远不会找到另一个)

EN: That I wouldn't find love, I would be lonely
ZH: 我不会发现的爱,我会很孤独

EN: Cuz you, you (made) made (me) me (feel so damn low)
ZH: 因为你、 你(作出) 作 (我) 我 (感受所以该死低)

EN: So low, low low, low low, low low
ZH: 如此之低,低低低低,低低

EN: Now take a look at what's happening
ZH: 现在看看发生了什么

EN: This ia tragic like when Michael left The Jacksons
ZH: 这悲惨的 ia 喜欢迈克尔离开杰克逊的时候

EN: I told you, you should be careful what you're asking
ZH: 我告诉过你,你要小心你的要求

EN: You wished I would've left you with some quiet time
ZH: 你希望我会给你留一些安静时间

EN: But now you got more time than any time
ZH: 但现在你得比任何时候更多的时间

EN: I know you never thought that I would jet out
ZH: 我知道你从来没有想到我会喷

EN: But I left before you could tell me "Get out"
ZH: 但在出发前你能告诉我"滚出去"

EN: [Repeat 1]
ZH: [重复 1]

EN: [Ad lib until fade]
ZH: [Ad lib 直到淡入淡出]