Angie Stone - Life Goes On lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Intro]
, One for the road
, Check it
, Kind of natural, yeah
, Look at then and when you got caught...
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Angie Stone - Life Goes On (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Intro]
ZH: [介绍]

EN: One for the road
ZH: 其中一个为路

EN: Check it
ZH: 检查它

EN: Kind of natural, yeah
ZH: 自然的是的那种

EN: Look at then and when you got caught up
ZH: 然后看看,当你被抓

EN: Reminiscing 'bout the past
ZH: 回忆 ' bout 过去

EN: Driving by on easy street
ZH: 开车容易的街道上

EN: Thinking 'bout that we'd be here to last a long while
ZH: 思考 ' 怎么样,我们会在这里要持续很长时间

EN: And real talks, every night and then an arguement
ZH: 真正的会谈,每晚,然后参数

EN: But all in all we both knew
ZH: 但我们都知道所有的一切

EN: If nothing else, our love was heaven sent
ZH: 如果别的不说,我们的爱是发送的天堂

EN: [1] - Life goes on
ZH: [1]-生活还在继续

EN: Life goes on
ZH: 生活还在继续

EN: Life goes on
ZH: 生活还在继续

EN: Life goes on
ZH: 生活还在继续

EN: My brother Petey would say
ZH: 皮蒂会说我哥哥

EN: If you knew then like you know now
ZH: 如果你知道然后像你现在知道了

EN: Would you get down the way you get down
ZH: 你能在路上下来

EN: Would you glorify, idolize
ZH: 将你荣耀,崇拜

EN: Find the time, mystify 'bout life
ZH: 查找时间、 变幻线 ' bout 生活

EN: Oh, why can't we be kinder
ZH: 哦,为什么我们不能更仁慈

EN: Joy that's hard to find
ZH: 很难找到的喜悦

EN: Lord please give me a sign
ZH: 主请给我一个手势

EN: To some of us here right now
ZH: 对我们中一些在这里现在

EN: Don't think you'd ride on this thin ice
ZH: 别以为你会骑在这薄薄的冰面上

EN: Without goin' down
ZH: 不带我去到

EN: Cuz time is running out
ZH: 因为时间不多了

EN: And will you be able to reach solid ground
ZH: 你将能够达成坚实的基础

EN: Can only sing the words
ZH: 可以只唱字

EN: It's up to you to listen
ZH: 它是你听我说

EN: Show you the path to the garden
ZH: 显示你到花园里的路径

EN: You got to follow me in
ZH: 你得跟我在

EN: [Repeat 1]
ZH: [重复 1]

EN: Hey boo, here's to thanking you
ZH: 嘿嘘,这里是感谢你

EN: For all that we've been through
ZH: 我们经历过的一切

EN: It taught me how to love myself and now
ZH: 它教我如何对自己的爱和现在

EN: You, and you I give my blessing
ZH: 你,和你我给我的祝福

EN: And I hope and I thank God
ZH: 我希望和我感谢上帝

EN: That's true for me and my boo
ZH: 这是真实的我和我的错

EN: Oh, Lord
ZH: 主啊

EN: [Repeat 1 with ad libs until fade]
ZH: [重复直到淡入淡出的 1 与即兴]