Anger - Mobill lyrics

Billy had a dream, something he seen
the white staircase to what he believed in
starting from behind, the small town
pushed his way through but never inhaling

finally got his part, important task
but the man within came along to abuse you
allways on the spot, the guy is hot
friendly with his staff, but working real hard

an office, square or oval, it´s good for lust
a phone and a cigar impeach his thoughts
sensing the scent of blood the sharks are chasing
yet there is no point in feeling guilty

don´t give me shit
this is the role you fought for
now do your part and let me be
important things should come first
so you wanted to rule the world
you´ve got it

we are all the same, mobill or not
across the states the folks don´t care
the job is done and that´s what matters
bring in the bacon and have your share

that same plot has been seen before
so don´t play games with me
i had enough, i had enough ...
l i a r