Angels Of Light - The Man With The Silver Tongue lyrics

The man with the silver tongue
Is cutting off my silver tongue.
He covers me in soft white clay,
I kiss his skin with razor blades .
I paint his face with cadmium,
He feeds my blood with lithium.
God made our world just yesterday,
Our silver tongue inscribes his face.
The deep red sea is falling back,
He sews my wound to feed his lack.
On crosses painted red and gold,
His skin is stretched and futures told.
My Jesus of the rotting meat,
I cut your throat and lick your feet.

Our freedom's like the slaughtered pig:
He screams for love, we murder it.
The spoon of honey on my tongue,
I drained it from where his body hung.
Shining white and red and silver love:
The man with the silver tongue.
My Jesus of the silver meat,
I cut your tongue and drink your heat...
Singing la la la la la la la.
Singing la la la la la la la.
Singing la....