Angels & Agony - Blind World lyrics

have I really come this far
to see everything burn down?
no forgiveness here
this is what is left of us

I turn my back on all I know
I never sought for wisdom here
pain so deep I couldn't say
will we ever stand clear?

I'll blind myself from the world
what I don't see I do not crave
what I don't hear I do not need
what I don't touch will keep me clean

I'll keep myself from the world
no word will leave my mouth in vain
no regrets shall keep me here
and I shall never shed a tear

have I really come this close
to witness hell in full effect?
only surrounded by despair
no reason to go home

live my life as I see fit
bound by violence and pain
we make our nightmares alive
is this what we are?

this is what we are...