Angelrust - Of Blood And Steel lyrics

Black mist surrounds my trembling frame
As I raise my sword towards the sky
These battlefields of frozen desolation
Shall be the cradle for my bloodlust, now unbound
As a pale moon fades into twilight skies
And the sunlight sinks into the earth
Bodies laid to waste amidst the bloody fields of war
Obscuring all the hillsides and fields I had once adored
Misty mornings dampness and the air now reeks of blood
A funeral for a thousand souls laid to waste in brotherhood
Dawn brings light and death's hot breath upon my weakened frame
All my comrades pulverized or far beyond insane
Let these tomes now by my epitaph
No words etched upon my grave
Blood for those who love me enough to die
Blood! Steel! War!
Hate! Fear! War!