Angelkill - Kill The Witch lyrics

1692 the tales of horror unfold
christian madman killing innocense
raving madness from just two young girls
trials of possession persecute
accused of witchcraft, how do they plead
baptized in darkness, satan flows inside their veins
torture those guilty until they confess
tied to the wheel, the river awaits
religion, is the law, possession, of the damned
imprisoned, a trial awaits
commence the burning, guilty, they decree
death romances, the gallows tonight
sorrow, a witches fate.

Mass hysteria when the girls would play their games
may their souls please be saved
gastly acts of religious law
condemnation for the damned
night air still echos screams of pain
burning innocense at the stake
remember Salem and it´s trials of pain
namless graves, are all that remains.

And so they stood screaming
their hands bound to a wooden stake
and the air was filled with the smoke
of their burning gowns
the holy danced around the fire
making music like a choir