Angel Of Fire - From Dusk Till Dawn lyrics

From dusk till dawn
We move into this pit
At dusk we seek who we want to be
At dawn we realize the man we will be
These two visions so different
Abstract and cold
A shiver down your spine
You’ll never be
Who you want to be

Gods will be Gods
And men will be men
Let the Devil sort out the rest
As soldiers fall
The Kings will rise
This cycle is cursed


This unrelenting feeling of future
This unforgettable memory
It will drive you through dawn
You see the future
Can you grasp it?
Fall into the dark

Break it down
Throw it away
This false dream
Forged memories

Break it down
And toss away
All that you ever
Wanted to be

Now we consume you
This memory is gone
Now we know you
And you struggle to understand
At dusk you are only a man

Gods to pawns
And back again
The cycle
Repeats itself
Its time to break
These twisted chains
Tear away from this torment
Destiny is a lie
And so is your future