Angel Isaacs - Cast Out Of Paradise lyrics

I always thought it kind of strange
That God designed the garden
When He knew that man would only sin
And be cast out

Why give man a choice at all
When man will only choose to fall?
Why give man a choice at all?
In the garden

Cast out of Paradise
With tears in their eyes
Cast out of Paradise
But our God is very good and wise
He cast them out of Paradise
To lead them to a better land!

When man was in the garden he trusted in the snake
Cast out he soon knew who was lying
But God only casts you out to sin
Until you learn to trust in him

And then he opens the gates to Heaven…He opens the gates
to Heaven…He throws wide the gates to Heaven…
Heaven the perfect garden

In the garden once again
Walking with him hand in hand
Finally knowing how to trust in him
We won't touch that fruit if he says not to!

(Copyright 1988 Angel Isaacs)