Angel Crew - Another Day Living In Hatred lyrics

Another day living in hatred
We'll rise above the lies
They get so blind in their own games
Pass their judgement down on me
Jealousy dictates their every move
I don't know what they try to prove
Judged by the click your in
It's like they're watching every step we fucking make
Another day living in hatred
Passing us by
They won't touch us,
they won't bring us down
They'll never stop our fight
One more day living in hatred
With no fucking regrets I'm looking back
I know I'd take
The same fucking path
I only believe in myself I only trust my closest friends
Every promise broken I'll remember
Until I'll make you pay
We won't forget things done and said
Throughout the years all the lies you spread
I'll remember every move you made
Until my dying day Angel Crew Breaking them into pieces
We're friends we'll always be
Don't give a fuck
They can't see this thing
What's going on between you and me