Andy Reece - Thrill lyrics

So, you've come back down, from your sky high cloud
And still you haven't had enough
Yeah, just one more hit, before you smother it
And still you haven't had enough
And still I've been watching all along
I hope you hear me as I sing out this song

Im right here so put it down
Lets head out for a drive through town
Start up the car let the engine sound
This is much better than messin' around
Rush for speed as the white lines fly
Roll down the windows with the sun so high
Ill keep this just you and I
But your thrills gonna kill, and I won't watch you die

So, you take the shot, and now you've forgot
Just how many drinks youve had
Yeah, just one more round, before you sink back down
To what you tried to escape
And you think that no one hears your cares
You sip the drink like Im not even there

You've got me worried so I call your phone
You've got me worried theres no body home
Not much to say, much less to do
Give me a call, so I can talk with you