Andrew Price - In The End lyrics

Hits you when you're lonesome,
Sitting on your ownsome,
With nothing there to do.

Learn some,
New language or verse
Or make love to a person,
Who wants to make love too.

Sitting on your morals gets you by sometimes,
But sitting on your dreams cuts like a knife,
In the end.
Content to take it easy helps you out sometimes,
But always holding back ruins your life,
In the end.

In the end nothing ventured nothing gained,
Its an old-fashioned of a saying,
But it rings true yet again,
When you win.
Or if you lose,
Oh what's to lose?

Break the habit of a lifetime,
Don't rely on sunshine,
To brighten up your small mind,
Do it for yourself

Be kind,
But be cruel if it saves time,
Try to always aim high,
you can't rely on no-one else.