Andrew Preston - Like A Parasite lyrics

Like a parasite, you took it all away
You pulled us further apart, torn more day by day

You bit our hearts with those bloody fangs of yours
You watched as life bled watched as blood pours

Like a parasite, you told him lies
Only to corrupt him, break family ties

Even lies they told me, meant nothing because of you
You changed him with your mind control, morphed him with your voodoo

His personality itself is nothing more than a sick masquerade
He tries to hide away, marching on in his charade

Loss and grief mean nothing
As you forge your dark machine
Like a parasite you muffle your own children's screams

You absorb your sons lives
And then take away ours
Pushing our own hearts away
Behind you he cowers

You eat away our souls
And you take away our life
Only to absorb us like a parasite