Andrew Preston - December Without You lyrics

Of an emaciated throne, beguiled my best warriors.
Bored a hole into my throat, stress the stones I've swallowed.
We'll seek the sapphire, child, I've lived the life.
I'll go unwillingly, fleeting lines and lure me to my lord.

And can you remember Dora and I?
Blackberry pie.
And December's decisions, wishes and snow.
I want you to meet my children.
And I'm sorry to bother you, but Father wants to take you.
You have to go before you've seen me old.

I swear I'm going to fly, these diamond eyes are praying.
The mountains are in my hands, and smiling.
Breathe life into me. I'm ready or not,
the ethereal world is placid and gold.

And I've longed to drink, I shake my head- command you.
Every strand of flesh I bare is twisting backward.
I'm coming undone and floating away.
And I need that.