Andrew Preston - Cut The Ropes lyrics

I know it's an unconditional love.
I know the problems withheld by it.
I know the dream will never come true.
I know I see I can't have you.

You can tell me you care.
I see that you don't.
I say I'll forgot.
I know that I won't.

But I have to try to cut the ropes holding on to you.
I have to incise the threads that bind our hearts as one.
In truth, we never were joined as two,
because I was the only one holding on.

I beg, I plea, I hope, I pray.
I see why nothing is happening now.
I see you have a will of your own.
I suppose nothing can change that.

I know it will hurt
to slit the twine.
I know I can do so.
Your rejection is my knife.