Andrew Lloyd Webber - Married Man lyrics

Married Man

Dreams of summer
Secret smiles between us
Of us meeting
You thought they had seen us
We thus tried explaining
Then it started raining
Then you said I love you girl and then
I?m much too old to fall in love again

Time was golden
I felt I was falling
Waiting, smiling
Hoping you?d be calling
Loving eyes upon me
Showing me you love me
I woke up beside you once and said
I don?t think I could fall in love again

Married man you were happy and you let me know
As you run up the stairs to reach my door
But I cried every time you had to go
Should have said, ?don?t come here anymore?

Winter, silence
Shadows on the ceiling
You said, ?you?re too young to know that feeling?
Then your voice seemed colder
Then you said I told her
I said well she?s older but then
She?s young enough to fall in love again

Though I tried to forget her as you live with me
But you cried when she met you to return
You said no that?s all over but you lied
Married man, are you too old to learn?
Spring can be a very cruel season
Help me, help me
Don?t ask for a reason

Please you must believe me
I want you to leave me
One day if you?re free
But not till then
I?m young enough to fall in love again
I?m young enough to fall in love again.