Andre Nickatina - Pitbull Terrier lyrics

I'm from the era of rhyme bringin'
And from my dress code and style tight yeah ya know what I'm slingin'
Valentine heart shooter
And pinky-neil fo real and can't ya tell ain't nobody cuter
A pitbull terrier carrys in the area, and he really ain't sharin' ya
Add a two door straight piranha
I keep it parked like the rear-wheel '64 lowered impala
Skinny baby dum-dada
And when I rip the rap to gat ya back it ain't no prada
Mickey is the matador, and what you get before
It's like rain when the money pour, hey
A pitbull terrier carries in the area, and he really ain't sharin' ya
I keep it dark as darth vader
And keep it cold as cream to make ya gleam with 31 flavors
3-bush just brazed ya
And I cant believe we smokin' weed the streets done raid ya
And with the ode to mint-caper
And at the year of faith I feel we talk about paper
A pitbull terrier carries in the area, and he really ain't sharin' ya

(yeah, huh)
Ya see I step through
What's up to all my nephews
I'm leavin' the suckas to superheroes for the rescue
An' every attitude in the grill
Like respect due we crept through
It's been a long time
We shouldn't 'a left you
I'm 'a locate ya spot
I'm 'a go state the block
It's nationwide knowin' I'm 'a rotate the clock around timin'
Rebuttle would make it seem so drastic
Visual, havin' felt its no longer lastin'
Start the rhyme shootin'
Computin' with many brains
No time for tootin' make a comeback like eddy came
Neva, cross game or point with steady aim
I put it so simple in the crookedist way
I'm a brain-wave overtake, maintain no mistakes, how I give a fuck I ain't gonna wait
Knowin' its more than may
It's weaker when you knowin' it's right
I hold the mic with confidence like rollin' the dice

Sometimes I'm lucky as Lucciano
And I collect lil' things like ships that's made in the bottle
Block my sure as stake
Put a flice around my waist the shape will still beat the case
Laid out like a bear rug
Because the way I squeeze to make this cheese is somethin' like a bear hug
And I ain't never met a fair thug
Baby ya with me or not because you know I don't share love
I kick back in the twilight
Man that's the wicked little brother of this thing we call the limelight
I switch lanes in the fast life
And this psychic said I was getting done in my past life
I looked down I'm like "that's right yeah"
Respect the law
The star born to break the law
Machine gun alibi
Is like a lullaby
We smoke weed and we don't cry, hey
A pitbull terrier carries in the area, and he really ain't sharin' ya