Andre Nickatina - A Diamond lyrics

Everything is crisscross patterns turn
Mine on snap when the indo burn
I?m livin wreckless. My killa cross over in the (?)
Pushin coke from Fillmore to the projects in Texas
Austin, Bitch yous a hoe what you callin
Smokin indo like a fat rat, Chewy like a Charleston
Charleston chewy no sambooy
Motherfucker what you do like Scooby Doo
Nigga, I see you
I don?t trust my lawyer but nigga I?ll sue you
I?m a diamond in the ruff
I got you with my pistol (?) and nigga yous fucked
I?m lookin like a gentleman clean, cut, and handsome
But thinkin like an inmate with life up in Folsom
Stuck up in the game like a suction cup
Don?t ask me for shit cuz I?m stingy as fuck
My cocaine style got you fiendin for more
Cuz standin in your presence is a real drug lord
My bread; I can?t get enough of that cash
So when you talkin about mine motherfucker don?t laugh
I?m serious. Your bread?ll disappear in the night
From Oakland to L.A. a raider fan for life
Fours waggin you?re laggin. Engine in the back
The queen of the streets yeah bitches still crack
Mind state; but niggas it may be too late
Cuz niggas need a joint just to concentrate

I need money miss me with a muthafuckin pool
Nigga I?m comin like a swiss malt liquor
Pool fin to rap with my pearl-tipped razor
Watch me blow up like a dope dealer?s pager
Bitch don?t play you?ll get read like a chart
And if you wanna fuck a nigga you?ll get rode like bart
So muthafucker check the ????? alpine
????? the sign that fucked your mind
With a vengeance niggas run like welches in a kitchen
Mothufucka listen to my mercenary mission
Nigga pain, pain, pain
Fuck these records and this motherfuckin fame
I stay awake like an owl, muthafucka, HOO!
Hoes around the way smokin indo too
My cocaine raps they can?t get enough
Mr. Jim Jones I?m a diamond in the ruff
Get with me. Feelin fifty
But I don?t think you motherfuckers hear me; nigga
Pop pop pop motherfucker drop x3
Pop pop motherfucker you better drop
Pop pop pop motherfucker drop x3
Pop pop mother fucker you better drop
Murdera, murdera, murdera... STOP.