Andre 3000 - I Do lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Andre 3000]
, Nothings more attractive than a heavy praying woman
, two for him and those and them...
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Andre 3000 - I Do (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Andre 3000]
ZH: [Andre] 3000

EN: Nothings more attractive than a heavy praying woman
ZH: 没有什么比一个沉重的祈祷女人更有吸引力

EN: two for him and those and them and defecating on me (ughh)
ZH: 两个为他和那些和他们和排便对我 (啊)

EN: (?) and him Andre omen
ZH: (?)和他安德烈预兆

EN: baby I’m hell save it on bail
ZH: 宝贝,我到底将它保存在保释

EN: crazy I tell you all of this in the middle of a club
ZH: 疯了我告诉你所有的俱乐部在这

EN: where words tend to get thrown around likely like like love
ZH: 凡字往往周围有可能像爱情一样被赶

EN: and friends and rockstars and so and so’s a genius
ZH: 和摇滚巨星和朋友这样和这样的天才

EN: so (?) unless he mean it
ZH: 所以 (?) 除非他的意思是它

EN: her proud like her mother and ooohh momma’s sweet
ZH: 她像她的母亲和却妈妈的甜感到自豪

EN: so you just know that juice the fruit aint gon fall too far from tree
ZH: 所以你只是知道那汁水果不是尼泊尔政府太远落从树

EN: so if we ever whoop the whoop
ZH: 因此,如果我们过呐喊呐喊

EN: i want all that (?)
ZH: 我想要所有的 (?)

EN: on this nasty carpet (?) fresh on one knee
ZH: 关于这个恶心的地毯 (?) 新鲜单膝下跪

EN: say I do I do I do I do I do
ZH: 说我做我做我我做

EN: so we can float up outta here in this hot afternoon
ZH: 所以我们可以浮起来离开这里在这炎热的下午

EN: lets put a baby butterfly up in your lil cocoon
ZH: 让我们把宝宝蝴蝶放在 lil 破茧而出

EN: and maybe twenty thirty hour baby she’ll be (?) making the whole club swoon
ZH: 和她不会 (?) 的也许二十三十小时婴儿使整个俱乐部晕厥

EN: [Andre 3000 Talking]
ZH: [Andre 3000 说]

EN: [Young Jeezy]
ZH: [年轻 Jeezy]

EN: I say I see some ladies in here tonight I might marry
ZH: 我说我看到一些女士今晚这里我可能会嫁给

EN: goin of the (?) and tron it’s too scary
ZH: 走的 (?) 和 tron 它是太可怕了

EN: you can have whatever you like, tooth fairy
ZH: 你可以有无论你像牙仙子

EN: I’d do anything to leave here tonight with you
ZH: 不惜与你今天晚上离开这里

EN: I said I do I do I do I do I do
ZH: 我说我做我做我我做