Andramelech - The Black Blood Of Kingu lyrics

We are descendants of the Dark one
Emerged from his loyal black blood
No one can bring death to the awakened ones
The law of the strong shall reign over all

Bearing within the Poisonous Black River
A strong liquid flame, flowing through our veins
The bite of the serpent, Xeper-I-Set
opening the gates to the devourer of flesh (333)

Acausal Forces of Draconian Descents
Opening black nexions, to establish contact with them
Because they are 11 becase they are one
And breaking the ouroboros of this stagnating life

Chaos swallow us, chaos destroy us
Dies Irae, Dies Illa Solvet Saeclum in Favilla.
Chaos reign over all, and awake the sons of Kingu!