André Matos - How Long (Unleashed Away) lyrics

[Music by: Andre Matos / Hugo Mariutti / Andre Hernandes]

I´m just trying to find me
I´m just trying to find me

You said I´m too proud to regret it
You never saw how hard it was for me
To take control of my own emotions
To find a way to set myself free
So am I fine to play the role
Of someone long forgotten soul
But what is obvious is that you´re so trapped
Inside your own world

Some days I wonder if I could
Be another kind of person,find another truth
I know these words all too well:
By yourself no one else,never break the spell!

How long?
How long will we hide what´s going on?
How long will we stand alone?
To see
Whatever lays inside of you and me
It just needs to be unleashed away!

I said now I want to forget it
So many tears have rolled down in vain
And in the end it´s just the same
`Cos I know it will never change
I think I never satisfied you
Did you find it somewhere else?
No regrets,just keep on moving
You better trust yourself!

Someday I wonder if I could (...)

I´m just trying to find me...
I´m just trying to find me...