Andlát - Turn Left To Die lyrics

You bleed the same blood as I
With logic they justify
Blow you up and tell you why
Sometimes they must sacrify
Their world order´s a lie

To us the world makes perfect sense
And your hands look clean
We´re having fun at your expense

You bleed the same blood as i
No matter what you can´t get closer
Albeit you watch me die

One man´s death is anothers bread
One man dead is anothers breath
The bill for the bullet in your head
Is sent to your family after your death

You bleed the same blood as i
You breathe the same air as i
You walk the same earth as i
We watch the same sky
Albeit you watch me die

They´ve torn the world apart with borders
Set a price on anything
We obey their quiet orders
Hail the unelected king

Their illusions and their walls
Are bound to decay and fall
Their crimes will be known to all
Usurpers of the freedom call