And Then There Was You - As Seen In Madrid lyrics

I reflect off the gun in your hands,
like scenes in Madrid where we danced for nights.
Please walk with me home.
There is something out there preying on you.
Perhaps a confused spotlight.
Rigorous attacks of the drums drove me from you
and into the arms of the fight.
I guess so; I guess that we won't discuss
your views and your bias standpoints.
Where did you go, where did you go running?
Who would of known?
Who would of known where you ran off to?
Sit tight, hands firm on the wheel.
Improper form will result in an early exit.
Feast your eyes on your assailant; hooray, hooray, hooray!
Feast your eyes on a job well taken hooray, hooray, hooray!
I reflect off the gun in your hand!