And Harmony Dies - First Flames lyrics

I began to hate everybody

Animals ruled the world
Even the church had killed and they don't tell this to a child
The treason I felt by the Christianity was feeding the stake which was growing in me
I would have annihilated, swept the Christianity away
Bringer of death and false laws, or better:
Dogmas, false illusions on old beliefs!

My life had lit up
It had an aim
(And it was) to propagandise and remove the falseness
That was spreading all over the world and I was not alone
Other people close to me were fighting this inward struggle
In fact, hearing aware of their thoughts, I joined them

These are first flames
We were great, unique, strong and united
We were about to begin our holy but honest war
In name of truth, in name of evil
Christianity had to fall under the flames of hell
And that day we shall be there
To take pleasure from its fall

Jesus is sitting here with me and he's dying
I have a finger in his chest, inside he's cold
Probably his flesh is already dead

Please let me spit on his face
He must pay for Christianity's mistakes

Some water-sea on his bleeding head and again my fingers inside his holes in hands and feet
I'm turning my fingers, I'm fucking him!