Ancient Creation - Carrion - The Horde lyrics

(Pre Verse)
Circling the sky, Angel of Death and I
The scent of your rot is nothing if not for Carrion.
Three day sun of Grief is not yet done
We darken your door numb you before you can run
(Verse 1.)
Picking threw your bones
No more than a stones throw from my soul.
Chocking on your flesh
Never near my threshold Im never full
(Pre Chorus 1.)
Legions of misery soldiers, All searching for the brass ring
Don't hide it we'll happily hold yours, My high five is such a cruel swing
You'll drown in the horde, You'll drown in the horde (2x)
(Verse 2.)
Sucking down your blood
Just to stem the flood of memories
Plucking out your eyes
Im taken back by the size of your energy
(Pre Chorus 2.)
Myriad mouths to be plundered, Defenseless from birth and there after
I laughed while the gods screamed and thundered, I harvest and feed their dark laughter
They'll drown in the horde, They'll drown in the horde (2x)
(Chorus) (2x)
Blood of suffering is running down my chin
Full of lies
Fed in doses that are small when I begin
They're unwise
(Heavy vocals)
LONG ... PIG ... COME !
LONG ... PIG ... DIE !
LONG ... PIG ... FRY !
LONG ... PIG ... GO !
(Repeat Chorus 2x)
(Repeat Pre Chorus 8x)