Ancient Creation - Bloodline lyrics

Beneath the cover of night, I am free to feed
The hunter - always hungry, Seeking blood (SUSTANANCE)
Afraid of the light, I move in Darkness
Lurking in the shadows , Of your nightmares
You can run but never escape
Im always one step behind
Your fear is my fantasy
(Chorus 2x)
The never ending thirst for blood
Spirit Spirit of Darkness
To live is to kill
Spirit Spirit of Darkness
Your screams, arouse me
My lust drips from your wounds
You make me stronger
Feeding on your (ENERGY)
With your death comes rebirth
Immortal Souls, Wandering (FOREVER)
We are the chosen few, elite blood cult
Join me now , We'll reign (FOREVER)
(Chorus 2x)
When the night falls
Our world comes alive
Together as one
To Live is to kill
(Chorus 2x)