Ancient At Birth - The Bullet Or The Depths lyrics

At raging, drowning ocean
Loaded gun and precious seconds
Torn between two reapers' scathes

It's finally time for Jesus Christ to lead me to the staircase from my body to Heaven
With the corpulent halo of Hell glowing below
No insincere, damnation-worthy death repentance will I offer
The death God planned could be no numbing lead lullaby
A life of sin must resolve thirds up, sevenths down
In the slow, frigid, all-consuming deep

But what of skeptics and consciousness,
And that final, never-ending billionth of a second?
All but this fast forfeiture of experience
Would be eternal Hell of water and brimstone

When staring the ineffable
The living, breathing brain
Begins to see all its solids turn zeroes
And his empire evaporate without leaving ruins
And what remains behind it causes non-believers to clutch at their souls
And theists scream at the feet of non-existence

Defying a logical, rational solution,
The illogical, irrational, insoluble dilemma
Somehow come upon me to solve in a matter of moments:
The bullet or the depths
The primitive human conundrum,

How to not be human