Ancestral Curse - The Opus Of Virtuosos lyrics

Music & Lyrics by
Pierre -Luc Paquin

Magician specialized in human manipulation
You are exactly the opposite of brotherhood
Now center your orbits on the universe you shall create
Cause an imminent disaster is in sight

Thrusting deeper & deeper the knife
Rejoycing yourself at the world outcome you're devasting
Leaded as a puppets in chains
Using your powers on our existence

This last piece is the cause of all wounds
The clan of bards have master pieced our sequestration

The opus of those virtuosos,
A prestation without compassion.
The opus of those virtuosos,
The action of degeneration.

My Mother Earth withdraw her bows from our violins
My Mother Earth stops this concerto in eternal crescendo

Selfishness has possessed your corpse
And It has inserted his principles,
Of polymorphed egocentrism.
I feel my mortality showing up.

The tempo is rising
and leaves me In never ending sufferings