Anaxim - Testament Of The Crusader lyrics

Your god is dead and so are you
There is no place where to go

Take his will and change it for your own
Corruption and greed have forsaken this land
Raping the meek for all they have
Your God's will be done

Ostracize the Infidels and cast them to their graves
Fill your pride with your holy crusade
Self proclaimed, you are the word of the land
Blasphemy to those who oppose Sacrilege to those who follow

The contempt and hatred rise
Where is your God to sanctify
Your pride is your downfall
Your god has made your choice for you

The armies rise in the east to take back your holy land
An army chosen from above cannot lose to the Infidels

The end draws near and the battle is lost
Your holy land to be defended at what cost
Your God's will made your own demanding the faithful to
Protect the corruption reprimanding the wrongs you have caused

Your god is dead and so are you