Anathema - Angelica (Live) lyrics (Italian translation). | Where are you tonight?
, Wild flower in starlit heaven
, Still enchanted in flight
, Obsessions...
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Anathema - Angelica (Live) (Italian translation) lyrics

EN: Where are you tonight?
IT: Dove sei tu stasera?

EN: Wild flower in starlit heaven
IT: Fiore selvaggio in cielo stellato

EN: Still enchanted in flight
IT: Ancora incantato in volo

EN: Obsessions lament to freedom
IT: Ossessioni lamento per la libertà

EN: A timeless word, the meanings changed
IT: Una parola senza tempo, i significati cambiati

EN: But I'm still burning in your flames
IT: Ma I'm burning ancora in tua fiamme

EN: Incessant, lustral masquerade,
IT: Masquerade incessante, lustral,

EN: Unengaged, dimlit love didn't taste the same
IT: Unengaged, dimlit amore non ha lo stesso sapore

EN: And I still wonder if you ever wonder the same
IT: E mi chiedo ancora se siete mai chiesti gli stessi

EN: And I still wonder...
IT: E mi chiedo ancora...